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    Welcome to Jacsin Business Consultancy
    Written by Web Master   
    Saturday, 12 June 2004

    • Jacsin Business Consultancy is a South African based organization set-up to assist & guide people to be successful in business. The development of Human Capital through the following services:-

      •    Call Centre Management
      •    Call Centre Training & Development
      •    Call Centre Recruitment
      •    Entrepreneurial Development
      •    Business Plan Development
      •    Advertising and Signage 

      It is because we care about the growth and success of others, that we have aligned our organization with values such as, passion, empowerment, fun, transparency, care & assistance.

      It is with this attitude that Jacsin Business Consultancy will foster:-

      •    A culture of, "Helping Others Make a Difference"

      All businesses operate with the express purpose of doing well in the market. Many succeed by using the advisory expertise of business consultants.
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    Consulting, Training & Development
    Written by jeremy   
    Monday, 28 July 2008

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